About Us & Your Privacy

Hurry up and start winning with online casino mit startguthaben at our casino. Limited supply! RestaurantClubs.com & iBirthdayClubs.com is the joint parent company, and founding company, of Licensed Independent Contractors operating email marketing clubs and email birthday clubs through our developed email collection and output program as well as our business services. iBirthdayClub.com exclusively operates San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County in California. Counties in New York State are licensed by CapitalDistrictBirthdayClubs.com. Counties in South Carolina are licensed by CarolinaBirthdayClubs.com. Counties in Washington State are licensed by PacificNorthWestEClubs.com (PNWEClubs.com). Other Licensee and regional information is available with inquiry through our corporate offices. This is when you can find australian online real money casino. Stick to the web page link! How we collect and/or obtain emails: 1) A paper card filled out at a business contracted with our company, which we collect from the business and in-put at our offices only to the specific subscriber base belonging to that business. The cards are then shredded. 2) An individual joins a club through our individual sign-up pages set up live for each individual business on our program. 3) A business contracting with our program may have a previous email list, and, at the businesses request, we may add those emails to the specific businesses subscriber list on our program An individual can be on multiple clubs, only by filling out different cards at a different location, and/or by joining multiple clubs on our individual sign-up pages. By joining any individual club, your email will not be added to any other club without you, the owner of the email, adding clubs. We would not be able to be aware of, or monitor, any individual adding information of another person to paper cards, and/or signing up online information of another person other than themselves. Who has access to the e-mails: Only lead management personnel at our corporate office, and the management of the individual business whose club is joined has access to, or can view, the emails and the supplied information. A secure user name and password is required to view and/or access email subscriber list, that user name and password is known to the business owner or manager as signed with our company. The Licensee does not have direct access to any emails and added data unless the business contracted with the Licensee has shared the user name and password with the Licensee. Each separate business contracted with our company can export their own full email list, and each company agrees in writing on our contracts not to share, rent or sell any email or other collected information. The original contract signed by our company and the individual business is filed at our corporate office. Tracking & sharing emails: We do not track or follow any information or any visitor to our web site. If a visitor to our home page web site, and/or visiting any individual sign-up page does not add their own information by joining a club, there is no tracking or following in any way of your visit. Only if an email and other fields are entered by #1, #2, or #3 above, is data held, but not tracked or followed, and that data is only stored with the individual club selected and in our secure subscriber data base. And, as with the promise of the individual business, our company will never share, rent, or sell to any business, organization, or individual any e-mail or any other collected information. Further, our emails and your information is never shared between different restaurants and other business on our program. Opt-out ~ deleting your info: An individual member may remove themselves and their information from any club that they have signed up to easily and permanently simply by choosing the ‘opt-out’ option that attaches to all emails. If you are on more than one club, you will only be opted out of the club that you received the e-mail from for that opt out. 6565 Riverdale Street San Diego, CA 92120 phone: 619-633-9610 email: [email protected] Updated July 10, 2018